The ACUC Pro-Check is designed for anyone to verify the teaching status of any ACUC professional member (Divemaster or higher level). The ACUC Pro-check will show you, if the professional is active in ACUC, the name and surname of the ACUC professional, his/her highest ACUC main professional qualification, and even until when his/her teaching status is active in ACUC. Instructors are generally authorized to teach ACUC courses, guide divers and assist in ACUC courses, depending on their qualification level (you can view ACUC standards here). Divemasters are authorized to guide divers and help in ACUC courses and teach some “dry” courses (where there is no aquatic training, such as emergency oxygenation, etc…). The information shown may not be complete as it does not reflect the additional qualifications required to teach some ACUC specialty courses. If you would like additional information on a specific specialty qualification of the person of your interest, please contact ACUC at ACUC professionals are authorized to use certain ACUC trademarks and to teach ACUC courses, depending on their qualification. Individual professionals, clubs, dive centres, dive shops and resorts are not agents, employees or franchisees of ACUC. The business activities of these professionals and entities are independent and are not owned or operated by ACUC. Although ACUC sets the standards for ACUC diver training programs, it is not responsible for and cannot control the operation of the commercial and operational activities of professionals and the day-to-day conduct of ACUC programs and the supervision of divers by said professionals or its associated personnel.